Konmari Folding

Taylor Swift, you’re free this year. I have a new object of my affection – Marie Kondo.

Having not read either of her books and only seeing one episode of her Netflix show, Marie Kondo has affected me – that’s how influential she is. Heck, I’m devoting 2019 to my cobbled-together interpretation of her philosophy.

The first time I saw her folding clothes on episode one of her show, I scoffed. That’s the last of her ideas I will adopt. Pfft. I DO NOT fold clothes. They fit in the drawers (or not) and if I can’t shut the drawer I leave them open. I have better things to do with my time. Like watching other people organize their clothes.

Fast forward a few weeks and last night, as I was watching Jane the Virgin (great empty-head show), I got it in my head to try folding my clusterfuck of a jeans drawer. I should have taken a before photo but the urge to Kondo struck fast and hard so just picture in your mind unfolded jeans jammed tightly into a drawer and the drawer shuts – snugly. But look at the results!


Not only do I have an organized drawer of jeans, there was extra room in there to shove my winter knit stockings. (Kondo would have rolled them, but I’m not there yet.)

Three things I gathered from this exercise.

  1. Folded indeed makes for more efficient use of space.
  2. I have a ton of jeans I don’t wear.
  3. That’s where my <fill in item of clothing> went!

I don’t know if I’ll keep this up. And I certainly have no intentions of replicating this for socks or underwear. That’s just absurd.

A Celebration of Rodents

This blog is 12!

Here are things I still do from 12 years ago:

  • Play Sims! (Actually I stopped, but recently fired it up again.)
  • Superfan Taylor Swift.
  • Grow plants.
  • Keep aquariums.
  • Read the Washington Post.

Here are things I no longer do that I used to enjoy 12 years ago:

  • Drive. I mean, sure I can, but I rarely do now and definitely not regularly.
  • Watch movies from DVDs that Netflix mails me. I don’t even own a DVD player.
  • Go with friends to a mall to shop for clothes.
  • Eat all the animals.
  • Date and then over-analyze said dates. True story: this blog was created to cheer me up and distract me from being sad about the end of a relationship. Distraction worked. Distraction can be handy.