Would you do this?

I found a hair tie on the ground outside this morning. It was one of those plastic coil hair ties which I’ve been wanting to try for a while now but refuse to get because zero-waste, Kondo blahblah. So my instinct was to keep walking. Not going to pick it up, even to throw it in the trash. Yuck, it’s outside on the ground and someone clearly used it before. But in an odd out-of-body experience, I doubled back and picked it up. I washed it at work and used it. It’s nice. It doesn’t pull my hair. I don’t know that it’s sturdy enough to use at the gym, but it works for a lunch. It mildly makes me want to hop on Amazon and buy a bunch more. Not this year though.

I read a blog post once of a zero-waste lady who entirely stopped buying hair ties and bobby pins and exclusively used ones she found. Hair ties and pins are one of those things that sort of disappear into the same netherworld where the other sock and matching glove goes. I don’t know that I’ve encountered enough rogue ties and pins to keep me in steady supply, or I subconsciously choose to ignore them, but I kinda like the idea of adopting strays and giving them purpose again.

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