The kids are alright

Even though it’s been fall for a month, the temperatures stayed relatively warm this year so I left the plants outside. Then this week, fall descended. I left them out for a 40s evening and quickly shuffled everybody inside after that. They’re okay though.
The only buddy left is the aloe which needs pruning because it’s too massive. I was intending to take them outside during the day and move them in at night like I usually do during the transitional time because more light at fall = better odds of surviving the winter. But then I realized, all my plants have self-culled to be low light tolerant. I’m left with mostly sansevierias and pothos, three varieties of each.


The plumeria is now a clownish 3 feet tall with a lanky stem and a bush of leaves at the top. Next Spring, I’m going to try turning it into a bonsai. I have no other way of growing a tropical tree in a mid-Atlantic climate in a small space. I probably should’ve thought of that before I went and got a plumeria – a tree that belongs outside in the tropics. Blame YouTube! The horticulturists in Canada make me think I can grow anything anywhere!