Cycling or spin class is one of those gym activities that I never find easy even after months of going at it! It never feels like I’m getting better. But I think I might have grown addicted to the good mood feels after because I actually look forward to it. Not normal for me. At all. But let’s admit it, this is just another hobby, which = just another excuse to go shopping.


So here it is! My cycling shoes! With clips! I feel a little extra getting shoes for one specific activity. But they feel nice. Well, actually they feel tight. For reference, I wear size 7 normal shoes. I wear 7.5 running shoes. I got size 38 mens European for the cycle shoes (the equivalent of 7.5 women’s). They feel like size 6.5. My toes are right up to the toebox. They are not comfortable to walk in and I wear nylon knee highs as socks and trimmed all my toe nails. However, once I’m clipped in and cycling, if I’m using proper form, pulling and pushing evenly, making full circles, they feel good. When I’m standing to pedal, I feel the toe pressure again. And of course, as with any shoe, after wearing them for a while, they seem to feel better so I’m hoping that over time, they will feel even better.

Comfort aside, my first impressions after cycling in them is they really make my quads burn more and I like the feeling of being able to pull up more. Also, in the past, my foot has accidentally slipped out of a pedal before and that feeling is a little freaky to have a loose insecure foot. So I appreciate the clip. New toy!

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