Well that escalated quickly

Me: Oh look! There’s a person there on their couch. Is that a cat or dog on there?

Coworker: I think it’s a cat. They’re looking comfortable on the couch.

Me: I love watching the doggies and kitties across our office windows!

Coworker: You should get at pet!

Me: I know! I’ve been wanting rats.

Coworker: Rats?!

Me: Yeah, they’re so cute and they’re smart! They learn their names and will come when called.

Coworker: You should have kids.

Poppin’ some tags

Ok, by some, it was really one. For a thrifting excursion, that’s pretty good. I found a seemingly never worn cotton men’s crew neck sweater. The kind you can layer over a button down shirt, or just wear on its own. It was only $7! which is not the point of thrifting. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I get hand-me-down clothes from friends or when I find a deal. It’s not about the monetary value. It’s about the space I’m trading to hold this thing, whatever it may be. Real estate is valuable! Fill it with care. So yes, this particular item checked the appropriate boxes:

  • On my short list of things that I’m seeking
  • Natural plant fiber
  • Comfortable
  • Layer-able and mix and matchable with multiple bottoms
  • Work and casual appropriate
  • Pleasing color (lemon yellow but not neon) – Flattering
  • In good condition and seemingly well-made; will hold up
  • Machine washable
  • Bonus: not made in China.

I’m still slowly draining my overflowing closet. Turning the spigot off to a slow trickle is helping, but boy did this sweater give me a nice dopamine rush.