Happy Rat!

Another New Year to celebrate! Renewal! Good fortune! And in particular good health! It’s nice to have the Lunar New Year follow so closely after the Gregorian calendar New Year, because this year, I spent January recovering from a flu which became bronchitis. So I slept for what felt like three weeks. I’m all good now. Even that last bit of lingering cough-hack is gone! (TCM trick for a stubborn cough: I stopped eating bananas and had daikon soup.)

2020, besides being a new decade, is also a leap year and the year of the rat. Rats are lovable and smart! To ring in this lovably smart new year, I cleaned the bathroom vanity and cooked vegetable noodles. All very lovable and smart activities to ring in an auspicious year.

Resolutions. I’ve been racking my brain since late 2019 and still haven’t really thought of anything. For the past few years it had revolved around reducing consumption. It’s become a habit now for the most part so I think I can safely move on and still lead a life of cognizant consumption.

So that brings me to my current thoughts on what to focus on this year. I’m feeling weak from laying about for three weeks so I think this year, I want to focus on strength and movement. Also, with strength, I’d like to revisit flexibility.

Update: ACV is not for my hair

I wrote this piece of drivel last year: Healthy Scalp Trick
Don’t do it. Or if you do, be very careful about it because vinegar is acidic and will throw your scalp off balance. I got major uncontrollable dander after doing it. So I did it some more. And it got worse and worse until I realized maybe it was the vinegar making things worse. Indeed, after washing my hair with nothing but a ton of conditioner did the scalp finally calm down. I basically was burning my hair with vinegar and turning it into a big mess.

If you still choose to try it, dilute it heavily and don’t leave it on your head very long and try to just do it on your hair and avoid it getting on your scalp (which is very hard).