Best thing I got in 2019

Ok it’s a little late to be doing this, but I just thought of it because I’m sitting right here staring at it! And that is, my fave purchase last year – a giganto TV. It is 55″ and was about $320 during Black Friday. I say it’s my favorite, but it really goes hand in hand with my new computer. The old one was about eight years old and even though it was fine for browsing, it really struggled with running games like Sims. My Sims have been busy populating Sim world, growing enviable gardens, and climbing their career ladders ever since the new computer!

So I have been wanting a new TV for years – since August 2015 when the screen of our old TV started spazzing out. Our fix had been to turn it on and “warm it up” by playing any video on YouTube. It would clear up in a minute. Then 5 minutes. Then 15 minutes. Every year, Black Friday would come and go and I’d hem and haw, and then last minute decide, naw, we’ll wait another year. Then this year, it was having spasms at random times throughout use, even after it was warmed up. It was eyeball-hurting and headache-inducing. I finally said E-Nough! It has been such a relief to have a clear screen that doesn’t wobble or fritz.

Separately, I wanted to give a bit of a review on my online eyeglass purchase experiences, now that I have two under my belt.

  • The first time I got online glasses, I used Zenni. They were inexpensive and did the job. I wore them for a year and a half! But I could tell from the start that they were flimsy and loose and were just a bit rougher around the edges. Literally and figuratively. The lenses weren’t polished on the edges.
  • At the end of 2019, I got new glasses from EyeBuyDirect and let me just tell you, they are way nicer! Aside from the polished edges, the frames just feel sturdier and better quality. Also, I love that they don’t come with plastic cases. I have a whole drawer of eyeglass cases which I never use and even though I’ve donated a bunch, there are more! Like tribbles. Instead, EyeBuyDirect ships their glasses in hard cardboard boxes inside microfiber drawstring bags that double as lens wipes. Brilliant. Those I use regularly and I like to keep them in various places like one in my gym bag, one in the bathroom for when I’m getting ready in the morning, and one at work. The glasses are a bit pricier, but worth it in my opinion. I also got prescription sunglasses. They feel like such a luxury when I put them on. Finally, I can wear sunglasses without contacts.