RBC stands for Rice, Beans, Carrots. Or is that Cabbage? Whatever. Both.

In a continuation of my tracking how much it costs to eat a whole foods plant based diet, here’s my 2020 update.

My total 2020 food costs:

  • Grocery: $6,357
  • Dining out: $145
  • Net: $6,502

This is a decrease from 2019 of $373.

Assuming 365 days, 3 meals per day, the per meal cost is $2.97. It was $3.15 in 2019.

If you think I devoted a lot of time to cooking that you don’t have, you are incorrect. I cook once a week. I am, however, willing to eat boiled just about anything.

Can I whittle it down even further in 2021? It remains to be seen. Judging by the way we’re handling the pandemic, all signs point to yes.

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