Garden 2021

There’s no room for frivolous decorative plants. We’re in an apocalypse! Here’s what’s going on in my garden: edibles! Specifically, I’m growing seeds I foraged around the neighborhood. One, someone’s front yard Thai chili pepper plant that had a sign inviting passersby to pick, with a warning that they’re super hot. The seeds I shook out of one pepper was more than enough to yield some seedlings. And two, a traffic circle that was chock full of garlic chives, grown as a decorative grass. I harvested the dried blossom seeds. I might check that circle in the warmer months and just forage me some dinner there. Although I wonder if the constant barrage of exhaust and brake dust make for good eating. At any rate, the chive seeds are in the soil and I’m hoping to see some action in a few weeks.

Another plant I’d love to seed-forage this year is the perilla, aka shiso. They’re often grown decoratively, but I like eating them with rice.

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