The fabric of my life

I zealously (seems to be the only way I do anything) hopped aboard the synthetic activewear bandwagon because they were ubiquitous (still are). I was leggins to the grocery store, leggins for travel, leggins with tunics on casual Fridays, leggins to the gym of course. It was leggins for mah life! And eight pairs of leggings and three years later, I have come to the conclusion that even though leggings are nice, I prefer my clothes non-synthetic. Nothing is more breathable than cotton. Yes sweat, but I change out of my sweaty exercise clothes regardless of fabric.  And skin being the largest organ in our body, constantly breathing, taking things in, I am not sure if covering it with plastics is the best way to go.  Note: I have done zero science research fueling this concern.  It’s just how I feel. Still, I’ll wear what I have, still take them to the gym, still handy for light-packing travel as they can wash and dry overnight anywhere. Going forward though, they’ll be replaced by cotton.  But aside from the gym and on travel, I won’t live in them anymore.  I don’t treat them as loungewear or weekend errand-run clothes.  That’s where old school cotton sweatpants come in, or jeans if you want to be fancy!     

Hotpot is back!

Nabe weather

Truth is, I never put away the electric hotplate from our living room where I made hotpot daily last winter. It just sat on our coffee table like a Christmas tree that I decided wasn’t worth the effort of putting away and taking back out in a few months. The hotplate became a sort of coaster or trivet. And now, it is back to serving its life purpose. To warm my belly with piping hot vegetables.


In my head, getting pet rats is a long overdue idea. For the following reasons:

  • They’re cute.
  • They’re smart. Not calculus smart, more dog smart. Like will hang out with you, come when called, and can be taught tricks. They also use litterboxes.
  • They live on average 2 years.
  • Can be fed without killing other animals.

In reality, I haven’t any because:

  • They’re hard to come by. Because they only live 2 years, I can imagine most don’t get adopted away. They die before the owner gets the chance to change their mind. So then the alternative is to go to a rattery, because pet store rats probably came from the metro, behind some restaurant dumpster, or worse, a factory breeding farm. I’m hoping someone at work has some rats that got mis-gendered and they get pinkies by mistake and one day I’ll see it on the bulletin board in our office kitchenette, baby rats need a home.
  • They pee everywhere they go – small scent marking dribbles. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I plan to have a pee blanket to lay out when I play with them.
  • Litter. I remember having to clean litter and it’s a chore. Not onerous, but just another chore.
  • Space. I don’t know where to put them at the moment. The place their cage could ideally go is currently ocupado – aquarium.


Cycling or spin class is one of those gym activities that I never find easy even after months of going at it! It never feels like I’m getting better. But I think I might have grown addicted to the good mood feels after because I actually look forward to it. Not normal for me. At all. But let’s admit it, this is just another hobby, which = just another excuse to go shopping.


So here it is! My cycling shoes! With clips! I feel a little extra getting shoes for one specific activity. But they feel nice. Well, actually they feel tight. For reference, I wear size 7 normal shoes. I wear 7.5 running shoes. I got size 38 mens European for the cycle shoes (the equivalent of 7.5 women’s). They feel like size 6.5. My toes are right up to the toebox. They are not comfortable to walk in and I wear nylon knee highs as socks and trimmed all my toe nails. However, once I’m clipped in and cycling, if I’m using proper form, pulling and pushing evenly, making full circles, they feel good. When I’m standing to pedal, I feel the toe pressure again. And of course, as with any shoe, after wearing them for a while, they seem to feel better so I’m hoping that over time, they will feel even better.

Comfort aside, my first impressions after cycling in them is they really make my quads burn more and I like the feeling of being able to pull up more. Also, in the past, my foot has accidentally slipped out of a pedal before and that feeling is a little freaky to have a loose insecure foot. So I appreciate the clip. New toy!

The kids are alright

Even though it’s been fall for a month, the temperatures stayed relatively warm this year so I left the plants outside. Then this week, fall descended. I left them out for a 40s evening and quickly shuffled everybody inside after that. They’re okay though.
The only buddy left is the aloe which needs pruning because it’s too massive. I was intending to take them outside during the day and move them in at night like I usually do during the transitional time because more light at fall = better odds of surviving the winter. But then I realized, all my plants have self-culled to be low light tolerant. I’m left with mostly sansevierias and pothos, three varieties of each.


The plumeria is now a clownish 3 feet tall with a lanky stem and a bush of leaves at the top. Next Spring, I’m going to try turning it into a bonsai. I have no other way of growing a tropical tree in a mid-Atlantic climate in a small space. I probably should’ve thought of that before I went and got a plumeria – a tree that belongs outside in the tropics. Blame YouTube! The horticulturists in Canada make me think I can grow anything anywhere!

Healthy Scalp Trick

In short, apply watered down apple cider vinegar to your head. This may not be news for everyone. I had certainly heard of it, but I never tried it before. UNTIL.

So I had recently started using a new shampoo which was definitely not agreeing with me. I was like pigpen with a cloud of dander poofing around me. Maybe it was too harsh or I was allergic to an ingredient, but my scalp was constantly itchy and flaky. I don’t know why I kept using it.

Then, this weekend, when I went to get a haircut, the lady was so concerned with the health of my hair, I realized, I gotta get a new shampoo. She told me to apply watered down apple cider vinegar to my scalp and leave it for 15 minutes before shampooing. I did it as soon as I got home, and my hair is completely soft and my scalp mostly itch and dander free. I also got a new shampoo. So maybe it was the new shampoo rather than the vinegar. I don’t know. But the watered down vinegar felt soothing to my scalp when I poured it over my head. I don’t think I’d do this every time I shampoo, but certainly for periodic maintenance. I turned my straw hair into instant soft silky hair without using any other conditioner or product. I’m convinced.

Impossible Tickets

Tickets to Taylor Swift’s Lover Fest opened today at 4 PM. I was logged in to Ticketmaster all day today and in the “waiting lounge” at 3:50. It is currently 7:45PM and I’m still watching the status bar not move. We just got an update that:

Due to high demand, ticket availability is extremely limited. You may find more options available for platinum, single, and upper level seating as you shop for tickets.

Soooo, I’m not holding my breath that I’ll be able to get any tickets.

Final message at midnight:

Due to high demand, ticket availability for the Verified Fan offer is sold out. We will be going offsale in a few minutes.

Next album perhaps.

Apple Picking

I went apple picking during Labor Day weekend. They had Jonagold, Red and Golden Delicious, Gala, and Mutsu. I like Golden, Jonagold, and Mutsu. I am okay with Reds and I dislike Galas. Galas are cloyingly sweet, and soft and mealy. Jonagolds have a good hard crunch and some tartness. Goldens also have a slight pleasing tartness. I do eat the cores now, which incidentally makes them much easier to slice. I take the seeds out though because I don’t like chewing on them.

Pumpkin Spice

Doesn’t that just make you think of fall? I had been ungratefully wishing for autumn days since July. Partly, because July was a stressful time at work so I just wished everything was fast forwarded away. Reality wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Typical. And then suddenly last week cooled down noticeably, the humidity cleared, it’s dark before 8 PM and dark when I wake so now I’m wistful for July again. There’s just no pleasing me!

Anyway, in anticipation of fall, a bit of mostly useless information about apples, since they’re in season now. Apparently their cores are full of good bacteria – probiotics. So feel free to eat them if you feel like it. Or use cores in a smoothie if you don’t feel like biting into the fibrous bits. Smoothies are the easiest ways to eat throwaway fruit bits. Banana and citrus peels work too. Reduces effort from needing to peel and food waste.

Water Aerobics

When I first saw yoga, I thought, THAT’s not a workout! They’re barely doing anything. Then when I tried it for the first time, I could barely hold a downdog. That’s how it was with my first experience doing water aerobics. All this time I thought, it’s great for elderly folk, but how can this be a workout? Well, I’ve gone to two classes now and I’ve had so much fun each session. It doesn’t even feel like the typical (for me) onerous workout sessions, just fun splashing in the pool. Then I get home and eat the entire contents of my fridge. So yeah, it’s a great exercise and I’m reminded how much fun I have going to the pool.