The Beans

Adzuki died first, about month ago. I used to joke when we fed them that he was so slow at getting the food, that we had a failure to thrive situation going on with him. Pinto on the other hand seemed to eat pretty heartily. Until Adzuki died. Then he seemed sort of despondent. Hid away often. Ate less. And then he too died about a month later. Sort of like Where the Red Fern Grows.

Our tank is empty again, except for the industrious hermit crabs. We miss the Beans.

Happy Furday!


Subject Matter Expert at:

  • Southpaw food throwing
  • Bar gnawing
  • Peanut cracking
  • Raisin snatching
  • Tissue box occupying
  • Popcorning
  • Shoe rack exploring
  • Apple twig pulverizing
  • Toilet paper roll destroying

She’s indefatigable.  Except when she’s sleepy.  Then she naps and does one of those bits where her front heavy body rocks forward slowly and then catches herself and rocks back, then slowly rocks forward again.

Happy December!

I dropped off the face of the planet for half of November. Chalk it up to holiday brain. I’m in holiday brain mode until New Years. And blame it on PAD too. Now that they’ve bumped up their stamina points to refresh every 5 minutes instead of 10, I’ve been diligently trying to play down the points. It’s a hard knock life.

For Thanksgiving, I planned a vegan dinner (sans tofurky), but we ended up going out for sushi. Because easier! Then we went grocery shopping because I love grocery shopping. What could be better? I’ll tell you what. Grocery shopping at 2 places!

Gina’s been extra nice these days, coming up to us for pets (in search of treats). She’s still pitching her food pellets but we’ve learned she’s a lefty so by positioning her foodbowl a certain way she stands at a certain spot and when the pellets go flying, they stay in her cage. Yeah, chinchilla’s have dominant paws! At least this one does. And she doesn’t bite me anymore.

Adzuki and Pinto are doing well. They now recognize me as the giver of food. They come up to me when they see me. Feeding time is just once a week though. Sorry Beans! Still, at once a week, it’s amazing how quickly they’ve picked up on my presence and associating me with grubtime.

See how smart my kids are? One knows not to bite me anymore and the others swim up to me. I couldn’t be prouder.

All by mysel-elf

I’ve been on my own this past week and I don’t like it. I don’t like being by myself. I mean I tried. I tried telling myself, now I can watch Gilmore Girls without complaint. I can blast 1989 on a continuous loop all night. But what’s the point of doing anything if someone’s not around to be annoyed by it? Last week, we had a happy hour at work and I told my coworkers my woe-is-me tale of having to putter around in an empty home. They kindly stayed later to keep me company so I didn’t have to come home to an empty house until I was good and tired. They told me maybe one day I will just naturally prefer some alone time. Maybe. I doubt it.

I’m currently watching Gina take her pellets out of her bowl one by one and tossing them aside. She picks up the pellet with her mouth then takes it out of her mouth with her paw and flings it through the bars. IMG_8721There’s a confetti of pellets around her cage and I just vacuumed 2 days ago.

This is how I spend my time.
Release the kraken! As I blast Taylor Swift.


Look Gina! It’s TSwizzle’s new album. 1989.

It came out today and was sold out at our local Target. I found the next closest Target and bought it online to make sure I’d have a copy when I got there. Listening to it right now. Love!

While we were at Target I absentmindedly grabbed a bunch of other things because. Because. Target is like the crack of shopping. Just being there is delicious. I left with a bag of items I don’t remember. Well, besides 1989. Which is fabuloso so far – as I work my way through all the songs. Like a box of chocolates for my ears.

No picture, thank goodness

Yesterday, we randomly discovered Whitlow’s/Tigger’s secret litterbox. It was behind the fishtank on the carpet remnant that covers the floor. We’ve smelled cat urine in that room for a year and a half and even bought a black light to hunt down the location of this cat pee. It didn’t help. The secret litterbox revealed itself when it was ready. 4 logs of dried poop and who knows how many puddles of pee. After removing said poop, the carpet was given the vinegar, boiling water, dish detergent, baking soda treatment. Holy moly the room smelled like a litterbox when boiling water hit the carpet. I’m going to have to rethink this getting another cat idea.

Pinto & Adzuki

It’s official. We’ve introduced two new members into the family.

Meet Pinto (on the left) and Adzuki (on the right). We’ve had them for a few days now. They are Banggai Cardinalfish. I’m sorry to report, they are an endangered species. Keeping aquariums is totally not a good hobby to get into if you care about the planet in general but we selfishly and irresponsibly do it anyway. I picked fish that were captive bred versus wild caught and had no idea they were endangered. How complicated this hobby is. We were going to get more fish, but hopefully not. Maybe if we don’t crowd the tank these two will reproduce. That would be interesting to observe.

The Barrio

Our previous neighbors up and moved this summer and took with them our favorite pup. I miss that prissy princessy french bulldog. And I miss their always keeping us apprised of the goings on around the barrio. And their pet and plant-sitting services when we vacationed. Good neighbors are good.
So to make more good neighbor-friends, we invited the new family over for dinner. And they’re great!! They love Taylor Swift! They’re vegans. They love cooking and food! One of them plays guitar. Another is into photography. They like books I like – Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver. (Well – granted, they’re books many people like, but still.) I think I said “Oh really?! Me too!” all night long.

Oh and bonus – we have a new Gina-sitter.