Throwback Workday

I went downtown for a work event yesterday.  During the lunch break, I met up with a friend for lunch and we walked around our old favorite walking paths from 10 years ago.  10!!!  Not too much had changed except ourselves.  She said she’s less patient.  I am less restless.  And we both reminisced about when we used to walk around town every day during lunch. I had a few extra minutes and walked around some gardens that we used to walk through.  I don’t know how they do it but the roses were still in bloom.  Then again, it was 70 some degrees today.

Closet Turnover

Lows are in the 40s this week so winter gear is officially returning back into my wardrobe! I just need to find my mittens or gloves somewhere. Anyway, this weekend, I did the Summer Winter swapparoo with my clothes. As I went through my summer stuff I realized every week I grabbed for the same holey shirts and shorts week after week, while at the bottom of the drawers were perfectly nicer things that I never wore all season. I forgot about them all. Now the question is, do I get rid of the holey stuff or the stuff I don’t wear? I’ve tossed a few holey things into the donation pile – and yes, after learning that Goodwill recycles all textiles (except moldy ones – groady), I don’t feel bad about handing over everything, even stuff I’ve worn the shit out of and is unsalable.

Lent Update

I guess it’s a bit late to be updating about Lent seeing how it ended in March. But this year has gone by pretty quickly hasn’t it? We’re more than halfway through 2016! Some years feel faster than others. This is one of those faster than usual years.

I studied the Japanese alphabet (hiragana). I memorized (and then promptly forgot) the alphabet. So now I know nothing. I never even got to the talking part or grammar or anything. Just dropped off at the very fundamental alphabet. So yeah, that was a bust. I didn’t even study it for 40 days straight. It was maybe for 3 weeks.

Hajimemashite – Nice to meet you.

Yup. That’s what I have left.

Pink Phone

Pink Flippy is 8 years old and still going strong. It’s done quite well for being 8 and having never been couched in a protective cover. Do they even make Sanyo Katana covers? Well even if they did mine doesn’t need one. Every chipped paint or scratch is a story, or something.

Happy Pi Day!

The one hour time change this past weekend had me feeling jetlaggy. I couldn’t go to sleep last night and woke up this morning all groggy. Anyway, I like this time setting better.

This post has nothing to do with Pi Day. It just happens to fall on this day.


Gosh Lent rolled around quickly. This year, I want to learn Japanese for 40 days. I started Tuesday on an app called Human Japanese. Reddit recommended it. I’ll just see how far I get in 40 days. To put it in “giving up” terms, I’ll be giving up free time to do this. Whatever. It’s just something fun to do until Spring rolls around.

The Annual Prognostication

This blog is 9 years old.

It looks like we’re having an early Spring! Duh. This year, I didn’t need a groundhog to tell me that Winter is just about done. Besides an odd spell of winter weather, it’s been spring-like the majority of this winter. Before and after Snowzilla, temps have been really mild. 50s to 70s. This weekend, people were out and about in t-shirts and shorts!

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Are we fer reals here? There’s a day for appreciating houseplants?? And that day is today? Well slap my pothos and call me Lulu.

Winter is the toughest time for me in caring for my houseplants. There’s already not enough sunlight as it is even during the warmer months so these plants really have to hang tough for a few months. At the same time I have to adjust my watering habits. I’ve already rotted out a succulent. Luckily they’re easy to propagate so I’m hoping to rescue it.
This christmas cactus is my newest planted propagation. There’s a tiny flower bud forming on it already.

This weekend I went to a gardening store to look at all the houseplants they have. There were so many I’ve been wanting that they had. If I had more sunny windows or better yet, a sunroom, I would be in houseplant heaven!

2016 – The year of more sleep

It is 2016.  Good.

I can tell I’m getting older because this year, I didn’t stay up to do the countdown.  I was in bed by 11 (actually I was napping after dinner and drifting in and out of sleep the rest of the night).  I briefly woke up at 30 seconds before and then fell right back asleep after “Happy New Year.”
My resolution is to get more sleep and go to bed earlier. But it feels like no matter when I go to bed, I still feel like I could use more sleep at 5:30 in the morning when it’s dark and frigid outside.
In college, kids would brag about pulling all nighters like living off so little sleep was normal. I could never pull off an all nighter.  I mean I’d done it but was basically not functional.
My coworker, who’s close to retirement, told me enjoy this ability to sleep while you can.  As she ages, she finds it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.
So this year, I’d like to sleep as much as I can.
We went out to Shaw/U Street this past weekend and after dinner and drinks, eyes bleary, round robin yawning, we called it a night and hugged good-bye.  It was 9 ish.
And for the rest of this week I’ve been aiming to go to bed by 9 and get my hibernation on.


It’s Autumn.  Woohoo.  I’ve been waiting for pumpkin spice whatevers and the mild temperate weather.  I have 2 kinds of pumpkin beer (ACE pumpkin cider and Pumking) chilling in the fridge.  I just went to Trader Joe’s and got canned pumpkin and a jar of pumpkin pie spice.  And the weather is actually acting like the season.  I’m ready to make my seasonal clothing swap this week.  The A/C has been off for 2 or 3 weeks now.  It felt like the season was slow to come and then woosh, it arrived.