Oh shit.

Those were the audible words that came out of my mouth when I witnessed a man standing nearish the edge of the metro platform drop his phone, then watch it bounce right into the tracks. Yup. He looked down at the tracks. Then he walked hurriedly away, probably to find a station manager who is probably going to tell him to go get a new phone.

Throwback Workday

I went downtown for a work event yesterday.  During the lunch break, I met up with a friend for lunch and we walked around our old favorite walking paths from 10 years ago.  10!!!  Not too much had changed except ourselves.  She said she’s less patient.  I am less restless.  And we both reminisced about when we used to walk around town every day during lunch. I had a few extra minutes and walked around some gardens that we used to walk through.  I don’t know how they do it but the roses were still in bloom.  Then again, it was 70 some degrees today.

Fountain Pen Hobbyist

Speaking of shopping hobbies, I met a fellow fountain pen enthusiast at the same training class. He was using a Lamy 2000 and when I asked him about it, he offered to let me try it, which I did. It was nice but probably heavier than I prefer. It has the heft of the Pilot Metropolitan. He also had the Monteverde OneTouch Stylus Tool Pen. It’s like the nerd’s version of a pocket knife. A fountain pen with a touchscreen stylus, a ruler with 4 measuring scales, a level, and mini screwdrivers (flat head and Philips). Today he brought in his 1943 Parker Vacumatic which looked almost like mine but his was longer. I should have brought my 1946 Debutante. I think his was the Major. I asked him about notebooks and paper and he said he was currently using the Moleskine which wasn’t very good and had bleed through. I will take that as a steer clear. He was also using another pen today that had a greenish marbling design. It was kind of big and fat. I wish I’d asked him what it was. It’s kinda’ neat to meet a fountain pen fool in real life. They exist!

Lunch time

I brought dukbokki to lunch today and while I was microwaving it, a guy came around to the kitchenette. He remarked that it smelled good and asked what it was. I said dukbokki and he gingerly asked if I had been to Korea. Or if I cooked Korean food at home. I could tell he wanted to ask my nationality but I answered his question literally – this is the only Korean dish I know how to make and I’ve never been to Korea (he’s been twice!). I feel kinda bad though that it’s gotten this… touchy/taboo a topic. Ask! I don’t mind. I felt bad that he felt like he had to be careful or something. I’ve seen vids online of people complaining that people ask their nationality, so they just respond that they’re from the U.S., which is fine and all, but I mean, they’re asking for your nationality. And it’s like… yeah I get what they’re annoyed with, but at the same time, eh, no big deal.

No Internet

Day 1 – It’s a little surreal. A little weird. But also fun. A little exciting. Break out the candles and beer. Let’s play Plants vs. Zombies again. Ooh, I know! I’ll write in my journal using my fountain pen. Drink a beer, have some olives, clip my nails and then write about it.

Day 2 – We’ve been stranded without Internet and isolated from the outside world. What’s even happening out there?? I can only pray that Verizon can come early in the allotted appointment time Sunday to save us. It’s time to fire up the old Sims 2 game. Desperate times call for … Sims.
And thank goodness for the HotSpot from the cellphone. I’m posting this using the HotSpot. I can barely remember what life was like before all this connectivity. Harsh.


Our hall light blew out and when we tried to twist it out to replace it, the glass bulb came out without the metal piece.

We had to go to the hardware store to get one of these doohickeys:

It did the trick. Got the metal piece out. And I’ll try to remember not to screw in the lightbulb too tightly next time.

Friends at work

Friends at work make work not only bearable, they make me actually look forward to showing up at the office.  I have stories to share, meal ideas to run by, dreams to analyze! Well, my friend at work recently found another position and will soon be going to another team.  I’m so happy for her and know that this is a great opportunity for her.  I’m wistful though.  It’s gonna be weird not having her around every day.

Oh the people you’ll meet!

Last week, I was setting up meetings with some folks at work to get to know their projects that they’re managing. I have gotten to meet some really cool people who have such great stories to share through doing these meetings and I’ve really been enjoying this project because of that. The older they are, the more stories they have. Or maybe the more they’re willing to share. Last week, I met a guy who was a Green Beret. And he speaks 3 other languages besides English! He told me he’d give me a travel itinerary when I’m ready to book my trip to Southeast Asia. I’m not sure if I’m down with some of the stuff he likes. He likes to go to bars and party. I’ll need a toned down version of that. Then, I met another lady who shared with me the health challenges in her family they’ve had to overcome. I was so inspired by her strength and perseverance through it all. It’s so amazing to me, here you have what appear to be people who seem to fit the Dilbert mold. I mean we all fit the mold in cubicle-land! But you spend 15 minutes with them and a whole story unfolds. So some days at work aren’t that shitty.

As a result of shopping

For some strange reason, I’m looking forward to each work day a little bit too much. Too much meaning at all! And the strange reason is really just plain shallow. I just want to wear the new clothes, earrings, or shoes I bought most recently. So even though I want today to be Friday, I’m trying to think of every workday as an opportunity to wear my pretty clothes. This will help justify my shopping, y’know? Like what’s the point of buying cute shoes and clothes if I don’t have anywhere to prance around in them? So on Sunday I pick the warmest day(s) of the week and that is my “skirt” day. This week, skirt day is Wednesday and today. Plus, I’m still on my New Year’s resolution to wear blush & earrings every day. I do it on weekends too but I feel like it’s most appropriate at work. On the weekends I’m in my dumpy holey sweatpants and lumberjack shirt with earrings and blush on. Really bizarro. It’s like I tried then gave up halfway. Maybe next NY resolution will be to change out of dumpy home clothes by a certain hour of the day, every day.