Our hall light blew out and when we tried to twist it out to replace it, the glass bulb came out without the metal piece.

We had to go to the hardware store to get one of these doohickeys:

It did the trick. Got the metal piece out. And I’ll try to remember not to screw in the lightbulb too tightly next time.

Friends at work

Friends at work make work not only bearable, they make me actually look forward to showing up at the office.  I have stories to share, meal ideas to run by, dreams to analyze! Well, my friend at work recently found another position and will soon be going to another team.  I’m so happy for her and know that this is a great opportunity for her.  I’m wistful though.  It’s gonna be weird not having her around every day.

Oh the people you’ll meet!

Last week, I was setting up meetings with some folks at work to get to know their projects that they’re managing. I have gotten to meet some really cool people who have such great stories to share through doing these meetings and I’ve really been enjoying this project because of that. The older they are, the more stories they have. Or maybe the more they’re willing to share. Last week, I met a guy who was a Green Beret. And he speaks 3 other languages besides English! He told me he’d give me a travel itinerary when I’m ready to book my trip to Southeast Asia. I’m not sure if I’m down with some of the stuff he likes. He likes to go to bars and party. I’ll need a toned down version of that. Then, I met another lady who shared with me the health challenges in her family they’ve had to overcome. I was so inspired by her strength and perseverance through it all. It’s so amazing to me, here you have what appear to be people who seem to fit the Dilbert mold. I mean we all fit the mold in cubicle-land! But you spend 15 minutes with them and a whole story unfolds. So some days at work aren’t that shitty.

As a result of shopping

For some strange reason, I’m looking forward to each work day a little bit too much. Too much meaning at all! And the strange reason is really just plain shallow. I just want to wear the new clothes, earrings, or shoes I bought most recently. So even though I want today to be Friday, I’m trying to think of every workday as an opportunity to wear my pretty clothes. This will help justify my shopping, y’know? Like what’s the point of buying cute shoes and clothes if I don’t have anywhere to prance around in them? So on Sunday I pick the warmest day(s) of the week and that is my “skirt” day. This week, skirt day is Wednesday and today. Plus, I’m still on my New Year’s resolution to wear blush & earrings every day. I do it on weekends too but I feel like it’s most appropriate at work. On the weekends I’m in my dumpy holey sweatpants and lumberjack shirt with earrings and blush on. Really bizarro. It’s like I tried then gave up halfway. Maybe next NY resolution will be to change out of dumpy home clothes by a certain hour of the day, every day.

2 weeks

I started a new job recently and now that I’ve been there for a while, I feel more comfortable opining on it now.  It’s freaky deaky normal!  I mean, the people are nice!  They are all competent! And there’s great camaraderie!  And the management are genuine and are first to pooh pooh an assignment or call out someone’s bad behavior before we even open our mouths.  It’s like I think it and they say it.  I feel pretty darned lucky landing where I have.  It’s not easy to find a job that doesn’t make me dread going back to work on Sunday night.

The 1%

One time, during a game night with the cousins, we got these delicious cupcakes from a bakery that were castoffs from a “mistake” they had made with a customer’s order. It was for a little boy’s birthday party. The issue with the boutique cupcakes? They were the wrong shade of blue. The name of the child? Mason. Appropriate.

I’ve spent a month dealing with what I call 1%-people problems. The rest of us peons don’t buy $300 sweaters. The rest of us peons don’t see the phantom wrinkles on your khaki pants that require you to get it professionally cleaned and pressed not once, not twice, but three times. At least that’s the count so far. So when you’re off complaining about coal or nuclear plants please, stuff it. Cleaning requires water and electricity. And lady, you and your husband need a psychiatrist, not a dry cleaner.

Some just have very different priorities from me and I have a really hard time pretending to give a shit when you tell me you have a stain on your brand new blouse. It came from food right? You had food. Lucky you. It’s not even a good looking blouse. It’s polyester, made in China! Some 5 year old probably stitched it together. And yes, you still have to pay for it even if the spot doesn’t come out. I don’t see any signs around here guaranteeing all stains will be removed. This is how some of them get to join the 1% ranks. Not only do they out earn most of us, they out cheap most of us. They expect something for nothing.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m just annoyed working in the services industry.

Long drive home

Lately, I’ve been driving to and from work on probably the most congested piece of road I’ve ever encountered. This particular highway is literally, and I mean literally, congested ALL THE TIME! I drive there at 7:30 PM, 8:00, 8:30, it’s bumper to bumper, I’m there at 6:00 PM on a Saturday and, surprise, it’s bumper to bumper. Is there no reprieve!!?! No. Well, ok, at 6:30 AM it’s going faster than 40 MPH. So tonight, I decide to take a different route. I’ve known about this alternative for over 3 weeks but have been too chicken to try a new route at night all by myself. Tonight, however, before leaving work, I checked the traffic reports and it was stop and go. I waited at work until 7:30 PM and decided enough! It’s Friday night. It’s high time I found my ovaries and tested this new way home. I wrote out directions and was on my way. For a second, I thought I had missed my exit and was sort of worried, and in another segment, there was construction which threw my directions off and I had to follow the detour road signs, but all-in-all, it was a great, uncongested drive home. This is definitely my new way home from work.

Air Pollution

I’ve been in training downtown this week and since our instructor gave us 1.5 hours for lunch on Monday and Tuesday, I took the extra hour to walk around the city. In just 2 days, I developed a sore throat. It’s not the ooh-I-feel-a-cold-coming kind of sore throat, it’s the windpipe-burned-out kind. What a big difference to walk in the suburbs versus the city. At least for me, I notice it right away. Eventually though, we won’t have anywhere to “run away” to for fresh air. We asked for shorter lunches and an earlier dismissal today.

Plugged in, missed out

I was in a training last week and noticed that 3/4 people at my table chose to stare at their wireless devices during every break rather than converse or get to know one another.  I felt like I was intruding on them whenever I struck up a conversation with any one of them.  Regardless, I interrupted random individuals during the breaks.  Unfortunately, when I did converse, it could only be with 1 person at a time since the other 2 would be on their devices.  We never got a group conversation going.  I felt like we all missed out on a huge benefit of training, which is networking.  I mean learning the material aside, anytime we have a group of professionals gathered together, it never hurts to chat about work or share personal stuff.  I got some old cell phones from a prior training classmate.  (They’re so hard to find these days.)  Anyway, towards the end of the training, we finally did get one quick conversation going and found out one person’s spouse was looking for a job and another guy’s department was hiring.  Had they put down their phones long enough to talk, it might’ve come out sooner!


I was in a training course this week and our instructor is an elderly retired woman.  We were having a class discussion on what factors we would consider when choosing a Lasik doctor and we named considerations such as Location, Reputation, Past History, and Cost.  Then we were asked to rank them.  Almost everyone chose Past History or Reputation as their primary decision factor.  One woman however, said that for her, cost would be her primary consideration.  I chimed in that I agree.  It’s old technology, often done by machines rather than the doctor, and besides, if you can’t afford it, everything else is moot.

She replied to me, “You’re kind of young, so let me share with you some wisdom I’ve collected in my years of experience…” and I tuned out after that.